Reporting Not-For-Profit Rental Income From A Household Tenant

Many homeowners receive monetary payments from a tenant who lives in an area such as a garage apartment or a basement. Some tenants pay less than what would be considered fair market value. Homeowners who receive not-for-profit rental income report that rental income differently than someone who rents out real estate in an arm's-length transaction. The key aspect to classifying a rental agreement as not-for-profit is that the arrangement is not driven by market forces.

6 Expenses Restaurant Owners Often Overlook At Tax Time

As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to maximize your profits and minimize your costs at the same time. Your restaurant business keeps track of expenses throughout the year in anticipation of tax time so you can maximize your deductions when you file. Take a look at these 6 expenses that restaurant owners often overlook when tax time rolls around. Meals For Employees If your business offers employees free meals during their work shift, you may be able to deduct this expense at the end of the tax season.

Accounting Practices That Get Your Business Off To A Good Start

If you're starting a new business of any kind, you want to get it set up the right way from the start. That will save you a lot of stress and worry when it comes tax time. Plus, when you stay on top of your financial status, you'll always know how well your business is growing and what kind of expenses you can afford. Starting a new business isn't easy because you have to take care of so many different things at once.

Being Smart About Accounting And Tax Issues When Rolling Out A New Small Business

The thrill of going into business for yourself can help you strive to work as hard as you can to be successful. Your mind may be focused on making great products and interacting with customers, but it's vital that you pay attention to accounting and tax issues so that you don't find yourself in hot water with the IRS or end up going bankrupt within your first few years. Be mindful of these pointers.

How a Certified Public Accountant Can Help You Track the Success of Your Business

Bookkeeping allows you to measure the true success of your business. If you are selling a certain product or products, then you need to know if it is worth the investment. Without bookkeeping, you do not know where your money is going. This results in not having enough money to run your business. Read on to find out how a certified public accountant can help you track the success of your business.